Dropbox is a file storage platform, that has been gaining a lot in popularity lately as it permits you to access any content located on its web servers via any device so long as their application is installed. The content is synchronized between all devices, so that you may access it at any moment. Dropbox doesn't offer Internet hosting services, therefore if you upload an html file it shall not appear as a webpage and will not be executed. This particular service is used just for storing info and we have taken advantage of the fact that they provide an API to third-party companies to create a backup service on our end, which you could use if you host your Internet sites on our web servers. With this added feature you won't need tobe concerned about your content due to the fact that you will always have a copy of your Internet sites on the Dropbox servers and on your personal computer in case that something happens - a script update crash, deleting files by mistake, and so forth.

Dropbox Backups in Shared Hosting

The Dropbox backup feature is offered with all our shared hosting plans and enabling it takes a couple of clicks, so you could link the account on our end to your Dropbox space in no time. The tool that you shall find in the Hepsia hosting Control Panel will allow you to select which sites and databases should be backed up individually and what number of copies has to be created, the biggest amount being fourteen. This way you'll be able to have a daily copy of your content for the past 14 days in the event that you alter or delete something that you need. How much content shall be stored inside your Dropbox account and how many copies will be available also is determined by the size of the data and the disk space that you have on their end. The feature can be enabled or disabled anytime and if necessary, you'll be able to quickly switch the Dropbox account linked to your shared hosting space on our end or even include multiple accounts and have numerous websites backed up in different accounts.