The monthly traffic feature, that is sometimes also identified as bandwidth or information transfer, indicates the total volume of info that is uploaded to your shared hosting account and downloaded from it monthly. Your website traffic is produced generally by website visits - every time someone goes to your web site, the web pages they see are downloaded from your website hosting server to their computer system or mobile device and they're shown by the web browser. What counts towards the web site traffic generated is the size of these webpages, therefore the more website visitors you have for a period of time, the more website traffic will be produced. In addition to the web site visits, file uploads are also counted towards the entire monthly transfer which means that if you upload web site content as well as other files by using a file manager or an FTP software, they will also produce some website traffic. The counter resets on the first day of every month and it's not related to the date you have signed up or the date you've renewed your website hosting plan.

Monthly Traffic in Shared Hosting

The monthly web site traffic quota for our shared hosting plans is enough for any kind of web site. If you have a blog, a community forum or electronic commerce portal, how much info will be transferred to and from your account or hitting some low quota cap will not be a reason for your websites to be unavailable. In addition, we provide comprehensive site traffic information, therefore you will be allowed to keep track of how much info is being downloaded all of the time. The hourly, daily and monthly results will give you an idea how your sites perform, what kind of files produce the most traffic as well as a lot more important information which can help you control the sites plus the account as a whole. The statistics can be reached with just a few mouse-clicks in your Hepsia website hosting Control Panel.