A data center is a special facility where providers store the machines employed for their online or offline services - hosting, mail servers, computing, file storage, and so on. The data center provides the environment for the machines accommodated there to function at their best capacity while conserving their life. This is accomplished by providing optimal environmental conditions - heat range, air humidity, protection against natural disasters, and so forth. All data centers also have electrical power and Internet backups, which are a safeguard in the case of infrastructural problems, and which ensure the consistent functioning of the machines and the access to them. The restricted access to these types of facilities adds an additional layer of defense against unauthorized access by third-parties. In case you use the online services of any business, a good data center will greatly increase the level of the service and your user experience.

Data centers in Shared Hosting

Our shared hosting servers are stored in 5 of the biggest data centre facilities around the world situated in Chicago (USA), London (UK), Pori (FI), Sofia (BG) and Sydney (AU). We offer the exact same high level service everywhere since our innovative cloud platform is available in all 5 of them, but for your advantage, you will be able to pick the one you wish. The continuous functioning of your websites will be guaranteed by powerful diesel backup generators and several backbone Internet Service Providers that each one of the facilities employs in the specific country. The data centers have skilled support teams that monitor all web servers 24/7 and since your sites shall be hosted on our sophisticated cluster platform, you could be sure that you shall enjoy quick and stable service at all times. All 5 facilities are available on the order page, so you'll be able to pick the one closer to you or to your target area.